2016 Found Object Poem Project: Day 12

It’s Day 12 of our month-long daily writing project.

This year’s theme is FOUND OBJECTS. For those of you who are new to the project, please read my introductory post. You’ll find more information and all of the Week 2 FOUND OBJECTS, which are our writing prompts, at this post.

Two notes today:

First, with so many poets participating regularly, I want to make sure I capture and include everyone’s responses. If I have missed yours, please leave me a note in the comments.

Second, I encourage you to go back and read past day’s poems. We’ve had some late joiners, including Charles Waters, who is catching up with us! You’ll find his and other poems added to each day of our project.


FOUND: Cream? Meringue?

Today’s writing prompt, though clearly in the food category, is difficult for me to identify without taking a taste. Our found object was contributed by Poetry Friday blogger Buffy Silverman. We’ll have to ask her to solve this mystery.

I expect we will see some tasty poems today, everyone.

Today, I decided to try an exercise from a favorite book: FEG: Ridiculous Poems for Intelligent Children, by Robin Hirsh. You take a word (I chose CREAM) and then run that word through all of its vowel sounds. My word list was: CREAM, CRAM, CREME, CRIME, CHROME, CRUMB. Next step, use these as the end words of a poem.

I ended up with an ode to the best cannoli of my life, from Presti’s Bakery in Cleveland. Hmm… maybe I wonder if they ship to Baltimore. This could be the perfect birthday treat.

Ode to a Presti’s Bakery Cannoli
By Laura Shovan

When I found you hanging out in a chrome
plated bakery, I knew your greatest crime
was this: I could only eat one ricotta-cream
filled pastry. Oh, much as I wanted to cram
my mouth with more, I ate not another crumb.
I shall return, my cannoli crème de la crème.


Diane Mayr was thinking about birthdays too, with today’s senryu.

sixty-sixth birthday…
the cake frosting loses
its fluffiness


After those sweet treats, Patricia VanAmburg had me laughing with her contribution.

But Lard?
By Patricia VanAmburg

Butter cannot match your
Tallowed repository
Layered lobes of fat
Derogatory term for derriere



Photo: Jessica Bigi

Once again, Jessica Bigi created a lovely shape poem that I’m unable to capture here. Apologies!

Writing my name
In sparks of light
Dragon breath colors
Circle night’s sky

Fireflies light our
River bridge
Dad and I can
Hardly wait

Old fashioned vanilla ice-cream
Scooped into root beer
Frosted mug, icy mushes
On the Fourth of July

by Jessica Bigi


Mary Lee Hahn says, “This poem should be subtitled ‘Fun with the thesaurus.’ I took Violet’s advice and let loose with some FUN today!” Is anyone else singing Cole Porter music along with this poem?

You’re the Icing on the Cake

You’re the best
you’re the bomb
you’re the highest supreme

you’re king (or you’re queen)

you’re the finest
the greatest
the premier and prime

you’re the jewel in the crown…
we’ll keep you,
You’re fine.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2015


We were definitely in the mood for Italian food today. Donna Smith writes, “A pantoum this morning…coffee anyone? I have no idea if this is what it is, but this is all I could see! Time to make the coffee! And for some unknown reason I thought, hey, why not write a pantoum before you wake up?”

Hot Mocha with Whipped Cream, Please

O’er the frothy brew
Floating peaks of cream
What would be my due –
On roiling mocha stream.

Floating peaks of cream,
Like little white sailed ships
On roiling mocha stream
Greets my waiting lips

Like little white sailed ships,
What would be my due
Greets my waiting lips,
O’er the frothy brew.

©2016, Donna JT Smith, all rights reserved


PoetrylisciousPlease stop by Carol Varsalona’s blog Beyond LiteracyLink to read more about her response to today’s object.

I like the way Linda Baie acknowledged, then stretched beyond, the food imagery with this prompt.

A Picture Can Bring Many Thoughts

This snowy space lures like icing on a cake,
but don’t suggest it may be sweet.
I feel it only in my imagination,
a dream-whipped cold-
more than sunshine cold for skiing
or snow drift cold for red cheeks and snowball fights,
and snow-fluff cold for making angels.
This cold freezes eyes open, nostrils shut;
teardrops form frozen waterfalls on the eyelids.
This cold makes the news.

Linda Baie ©All Rights Reserved


Matt Forrest Esesnwine has “A little sweet haiku” today. I like the play on words here.

Left, right swivel, sway
sideways, sugar’s circle-steps
dance, sweet merengue

© 2016, Matt Forrest Esenwine, all rights reserved


Heidi Mordhorst is in with a poem filled with dreamy, creamy, delicious imagery. Well, her blog *is* called My Juicy Little Universe.

snow moon full cream
by Heidi Mordhorst

when somewhere
water bound in ice
under the crust of the moon
when someday
water breaks from ice
up to the dust of the moon
it mounds to this:
canyons and craters
soft peaks of moon rock
swirling and moist
seas of
clouds of vapor
islands of nectar
oceans of
sweet serenity
tranquil fecundity
snow moon full cream
deep space

Catherine Flynn says, “Everyone has made me very hungry, and I’m really craving a root beer float thanks to Jessica. My poem for Day 12 is also food related, as Buffy’s photo reminded me of the cream cheese frosting I make for red velvet cupcakes.”

Set before me on a plate of cranberry glass,
cupcakes; moist, velvety mountains
suffused with rich, dark, chocolate,
cloaked in billowy clouds
of velvety icing,
sweet and smooth,
a gift of love
from you.

by Catherine Flynn

There are so many ways to enter the poem as we begin writing. Jone MacCulloch says, “I knew it was food but needed to pretend otherwise.”


could it be?
froth of a coffee drink?
wet porcelain from a potter’s wheel?
whipped frosting on yesterday’s birthday cake?
shaving cream when Dad use to shave?

could it be?
microbes dancing on a pin?
the moon as bubbly brie cheese?
toothpaste sculpted by toothbrush bristles?
feathers of an owl magnified?

© 2016 Jone Rush MacCulloch all rights reserved

Charles Waters had my attention with “coconut  milk ice cream” with this poem.

By Charles Waters

Vanilla coconut ice cream,
unsweetened cocoa powder,
coconut whipped cream, almond milk,
My gut growls even louder.
Chilled brewed coffee, dump it in,
whip up this frosted confection.
Pour it in a frigid glass,
Vegan milkshake perfection.


Margaret Simon sent in this poem about a dessert she had in Italy. She writes in, “When I traveled to Italy I was on a quest for the best tiramisu. In the small town of Orvieto a young girl told me her mamma made the tiramisu. A memory moment of deliciousness. ”

Gelato Flowers
By Margaret SimonLick your fingers
Taste of rum
Runs over my delicate tongue
Mi mamma made with her heart and a touch of Orvieto flowers.


See you tomorrow for Day 13.

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