2016 Found Object Poem Project: Day 28

Hello, Found Object Poets. Today is the Mother-Daughter luncheon at my daughter’s high school, so Jan Godown Annino is filling in for me once again. Please post your poems in the comments here or at Jan’s blog BOOKSEED STUDIO.

IMG_2204FOUND: Allium Garlic Bud 

The found object for today was contributed by Mary Lee Hahn. Thanks for the correction, Mary Lee. You had me and many others fooled with today’s object!

You will find the Day 28 Found Object Poem Project post at Jan Godown Annino’s blog, BOOKSEED STUDIO. Thank you for guest hosting *twice* this month, Jan.






DAY 29 FOUND OBJECT (Leap Day, February 29)

I’ll see you back here for our last day, Leap Day, February 29. You can leave your Day 27 responses at this post or in the comments on Jan’s blog.