Poetry Friday: Roboversary

Buffy Silverman is hosting Poetry Friday this week! Stop by her blog for links to more original poems, favorite verses, book reviews, and all things poetic.

Hi, Poetry Friday friends.

Today, is my anniversary, but I’m not celebrating a wedding. More like a milestone.

One year ago today, I posted my first robot doodle on Instagram.

Much like the annual poetry project that I run each February, sharing my almost-daily robot doodles is an exercise in being creative without judging the outcome. At last count, I have doodled and posted (usually the same day) about 230 robots.

To celebrate the Roboversary, I’m giving away some prizes. On Instagram, you’ll find re-posts of some bots from this past year. If you stop by and vote on your favorite robot doodle, you’ll be entered to win a prize! Visit this post for full details and instructions on how to vote.

Later today, I’m going to announce the BEST BOT, based on fan votes.

If you’d like to learn more about how doodling supports other creative practices, I’ll be at MG Book Village today talking with fellow doodler and middle grade author Jarrett Lerner.

What does this have to do with poetry? Inspired by the robots, I am writing a series of RoboPoems. This is the first one!

Robot Stew
By Laura Shovan

2 cups of brackets
A dollop of nuts
Stir in some hinges
And lawn mower guts

Whisk up this mixture
With half can of oil
Place on the stove-top
Bring to a boil

Feed to your robot
After it’s cool
This stew’s guaranteed
To make robots drool

And here is a photo of the original draft (and robot, natch) from my notebook.