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It’s Day 4 of our month-long #WaterPoemProject.  If you’re new to this project, please read the Introduction and FAQ.

Or you can watch this video of me describing how to participate. It’s on the YouTube channel Authors Everywhere.

I’m excited to welcome verse novelist Shari Green to our project. She’s got a great writing prompt for us today.

Shari’s poetry prompt is: A Fogbow Fibonacci Poem

Photo credit: Shari Green

Fogbows are like rainbows, caused when sunlight hits water droplets in the air. The water droplets in fog are much smaller than raindrops, though, and fogbows end up having little or no color. They’re sometimes called white rainbows, cloudbows, or ghost rainbows.

Create a Fibonacci poem about a fogbow.

Are you new to Fibonacci poems? Learn how to write one from the guy who created this poetic form, Greg Pincus! Check out Greg’s post “How to Write a Fib.”


Your task is to draft a Fogbow Fibonacci poem before the end of the day tomorrow, Thursday, March 26, 2020. Alternate idea: try a fib poem on any water-related subject.

If you’re doing the #WaterPoemProject with a group, be sure to share or post your rough draft, read other people’s poems, and cheer for their efforts. Or leave your poem here, in the comments.

Shari Green is an award-winning author of middle grade verse novels. Her books have been nominated for multiple provincial and state readers’-choice programs and included on international “best of” lists.

Shari Green

In her non-writing life, Shari works as a Licensed Practical Nurse. Thank you, Shari!

Visit her at


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Please support the #WaterPoemProject authors by buying their books from your favorite independent bookstore.

13 responses to “#WaterPoemProject: Day 4, Shari Green”

  1. Ghost
    lingers on
    sunlight spotlighted
    by a bow of gossamer fog

  2. Mist
    from rivers;
    Fingers through water
    break apart this surface tension

  3. Liz says:

    it mean
    this rainbow
    stretched across the sky
    bleached of all its promised color?

  4. mia says:

    “feigning fogbow”

    faint face
    fades so fast
    but the faux film of
    its ghostly fair flecks floats freezing

    • Laura Shovan says:

      Wow, Mia! You set yourself an extra challenge today: A fogbow fibonacci filled with F words! (That ghostly hair gives me the shivers.)

  5. Linda Mitchell says:

    lol. I’ve been out all day. And, in my haste to catch up on writing prompts (which I KNOW I don’t have to do by the end of the day) I answered 5 before 4. Bonus for me! I’m ahead.

    Shari, I really love this photo and the fib poem is such a perfect form for it.

    a half-moon
    opals tossed in snow
    a tiara crowning just now.

  6. […] I visited Laura Shovan’s blog for the inspiration for this poem. Laura’s host, Shari Green motivated me to write a Fibonacci poem, mirroring Fibonacci’s […]

  7. Late to the party:


    pastel tones
    floating snippets seen
    elegant delightful vision

    Posted with pix I took a few years ago
    Thank you!

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