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Poetry Friday: A Poem for Foodies

Linda Baie at Teacher Dance is hosting Poetry Friday this week.

Hey, friends! I’m heading to the National Council of Teachers of English in Houston today.

Will you be there too? My schedule is at the bottom of this post.

I thought it would be a fun week for a throwback poem. This one is from the 2013 March Madness Poetry competition, run by Ed DeCaria at Think Kid Think.

My Round Two, 2013 word in this competition was “speculate.” This poem still tickles me, especially because Mr. S is a *huge* fan of kale.

From Queensland Government/Queensland Health

A Bargain
By Laura Shovan

At dinnertime, I speculate
about the green stuff on my plate.
This gloppy mess, was it alive?
Could it be spinach, kale, endive,
or maybe radioactive peas
floating on a zombie’s sneeze?
Its pungent smell is deleterious
enough to make my brain delirious,
but I will eat the thing I hate,
if you’ll just let me stay up late.


Hope to see you at #NCTE18.