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Hello, Found Object Poets. I am enjoying a long cappuccino break while another blogger takes over today’s hosting duties.

icaaicidFOUND: Coffee Mug

Don’t choke on that frothy beverage! We are still writing and sharing today.

You will find the Day 15 Found Object Poem Project post at Heidi Mordhorst’s blog, My Juicy Little Universe. Thank you, Heidi!



Street Art in St. Louis


I’ll see you back here tomorrow for Day 16. Be sure to leave your Day 15 responses at this post.

14 responses to “2016 Found Object Poem Project: Day 15”

  1. Mary Lee Hahn says:

    Day 15


    It’s late summer.
    All that’s left of Bijou Creek
    is a sinuous path of green
    between low eroded hills.

    In the cutbank of a gully we find
    fossilized fragments of turtle shell,
    and a Paleocene tree trunk
    buried in its upright, growing position.

    ©Mary Lee Hahn, 2016

    Process notes are here:

  2. Time to join in the challenge. Today, I am still lingering in thoughts of love from a wonderful Valentine’s Day so I mixed my digital treasure with poetry and a memory that will carry me into many more as my family celebrates life around a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. (Whew-that was a long thought!)
    Post is at (I really like the way the digital composition unfolded for this prompt.)

    Shortcut to the poem:

    Handcrafted treasures sit
    and wait patiently for family talk
    to fill the moments.

  3. Linda Baie says:

    Day 15

    A Cupful of Story

    A cupful of hands,
    dug the clay,
    formed it round,
    to finish in the kiln.
    Another cupful of hands
    harvested the pods,
    gathered the cocoa beans,
    shipped them off to the world.
    A cupful of hands
    ground the beans,
    prepared the cocoa,
    to sell at a grocery.
    Your cupful of hands
    brought the cocoa home,
    heated the milk,
    stirred in the chocolate,
    touched the cup to the lips.
    smelled and sipped.

    This cup remembers hands.
    Linda Baie ©All Rights Reserved

  4. Day 16 Offering is at It is an inspirational, poetic statement for the classroom.

    The Force Within

    The force is upon you-
    each day within you
    reaching out
    to light the world
    with your awesomeness.
    Harness its energy!

  5. Mary Lee Hahn says:

    Day 16


    Some curve, some soar,
    some serve as a gate,

    I glitter, I shine,
    I triangulate.

    ©Mary Lee Hahn, 2016

  6. Donna Smith says:

    Day 16

    Balanced Precariously?

    Are you believing
    What you’re perceiving?
    Building or tree,
    Just see
    If you can –
    Nature or man?
    What do you you feel?
    Is it soil or steel?
    Balance precarious?
    Or scheme nefarious?
    Reflections detected.
    Relations reflected.
    Smoke and mirrors –
    Kaleidoscope jeerers.
    What you’re receiving
    Could be deceiving.

    ©2016, Donna JT Smith, all rights reserved

  7. Day 16
    “The Art of Origami”

    Square becomes
    diamond becomes
    triangles multiply,
    become mirrors:
    reflecting and refracting
    all they see.

    © Catherine Flynn

  8. Diane Mayr says:

    Day 16

    I didn’t write this with the Grammy Awards in mind, it’s just a happy accident. I was attracted to the sparkle of the art and that got me started.

    Red Carpet

    Some in Hollywood don’t get
    that glamour is not
    a matter of sequins, plunges,
    and slits up to…

    A truly alluring woman
    stands tall. She is confident
    that she has done her job well.
    And we can’t help but know it.

    © Diane Mayr

  9. Linda Baie says:

    Did You Know?

    A metal bird glints at the day
    anticipating a getaway.
    At night it folds its wings and flies
    winging across the starry skies.
    Linda Baie ©All Rights Reserved

  10. [Day 16 – Street Art in St. Louis]

    The Points of Stars

    In each broken place, each of us
    reflects, refracts
    new light
    inside sharp edges, cold steel
    look –
    we’ve known wet earth and soft leaves
    color in the fall
    – a hole here or there makes us holy–
    each of us
    a little bit Luke
    a little bit Darth Vader.

    ©Robyn Hood Black

    • Donna Smith says:

      Ha! My first thought was Mr. Vader, too! I was going to work him into the poem, but he just didn’t fit. Glad you got him in!!

      • Hi, Donna – Looks like Carol V. also had a similar inspiration. ;0) I didn’t read the others before scribbling mine, but i love seeing recurring “themes” in these. (You and I both had reflections; Catherine and I had reflections and refractions!) By the way, I love your “kaleidoscope jeerers” – :0)

  11. jone says:

    Here’s for today, Day 16:

    darth vadar’s helmet
    mirrors infinity gardens
    solutions for hunger

    © 2016 Jone Rush MacCulloch all rights reserved

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