Sunday, 28 February 2016

Hello, Found Object Poets. Today is the Mother-Daughter luncheon at my daughter’s high school, so Jan Godown Annino is filling in for me once again. Please post your poems in the comments here or at Jan’s blog BOOKSEED STUDIO.

IMG_2204FOUND: Allium Garlic Bud 

The found object for today was contributed by Mary Lee Hahn. Thanks for the correction, Mary Lee. You had me and many others fooled with today’s object!

You will find the Day 28 Found Object Poem Project post at Jan Godown Annino’s blog, BOOKSEED STUDIO. Thank you for guest hosting *twice* this month, Jan.






DAY 29 FOUND OBJECT (Leap Day, February 29)

I’ll see you back here for our last day, Leap Day, February 29. You can leave your Day 27 responses at this post or in the comments on Jan’s blog.

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10 responses to “2016 Found Object Poem Project: Day 28”

  1. Jessica Bigi says:

    DAY 28
    Poem By Jessica Bigi


    F lower full seeds
    A ccomplishing dreams
    I magining impacting
    T eaching planting
    H opeful healing

  2. Mary Lee Hahn says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s garlic!

    • Diane Mayr says:

      Oh no, Mary Lee, I thought it was onion! All related, though.

      I’m glad the month is over, but I’m also sorry that the challenge has ended. I do better with a push! Here’s my last poem:

      Day 29

      In the Kingdom of Strip Mall

      Two ponies rest in
      a pick-up bed while
      the giant, weighed down
      by bags of trinkets, trades
      out a tarnished royal
      carriage for a tethered
      helicopter. Not even
      a bereft child dares
      to question the actions
      of this prince of a man.

    • What a beautiful plant for a garlic! Thanks Mary Lee for the treat on the last day.

  3. Mary Lee Hahn says:

    Day 29


    After a lifetime spent galloping in circles,
    I’m finally going to put some actual distance beneath these hooves.

    I’ve got this chance to move forward,
    and I’ll enjoy the ride before the next place I park.

    The blur of landscape as we roar down the road
    is an art I admire, but have never been able to achieve.

    ©Mary Lee Hahn, 2016

    It’s been a great month of writing, and for that, I thank you, Laura, for a fabulous challenge. To the other writers, I express my regrets that I didn’t have more time this month to be a better community member. I read all of your poems, but my praises and comments to you stayed inside my head and my heart.

  4. Linda Baie says:

    Once again, Laura, it’s been a pleasure to celebrate your birthday with poetry. Now you can spend all of March prepping for the big month of April-your book birthday & poetry month! I’ve loved reading everyone’s poems, and they have always served as lovely inspiration. Thanks all for a beautiful month, plus a leap day, too!

    Day 29

    The Past We’ve Lost

    That fifty cents took a long time saving-
    penny by penny plopped in a jar.
    Papa said I’d grow up to be a banker.
    If I knew about money, I’d go far.

    Now all I wanted was to ride the horses,
    go round and round, pretend I was tough.
    I did chores for Mama to earn the pennies:
    swept, washed dishes till I had enough.

    They pulled into the park last Saturday.
    I had to eat breakfast, was ready to run.
    Two shiny quarters appeared from Ma’s pocket.
    She sent me with a smile, best wishes for fun.

    Yep, those horses galloped like the wind.
    Up and down, and round and round I went.
    I was a whoopin’, hollerin’ cowboy,
    appreciating the value of my fifty cents.
    Linda Baie ©All Rights Reserved

  5. Jessica Bigi says:

    plus the pic I sent you
    Day 29
    Poem by Jessica Bigi


    C alligraphy horses marching
    A B C –colors
    R acing rhymes across paper
    A cerbating around circles
    C ursive horses prancing
    A lphabet arena
    L etters laughter learning

    to help you know the first word Calligraphy-fancy writing

  6. How unfortunate! After I wrote a long thank you to you Laura and the wonderful writing community, it did not send but vanished. Of course, this tops off my 3 days of computer glitches. There are computer ghosts lurking in my spaces!

    I loved being a part of this community. It was fun, challenging at times to squeeze in some writing time, and a learning experience as I pondered the different perspectives and writing styles.

    My piece tonight is at There is a short poem and a little ditty. Although it was called Last Ride it really is not the end of our writing friendship. I hope to see everyone at the various writing sites.

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