Thursday, 24 September 2020

Hi, Poetry Friday friends. Jone Rush MacCulloch is hosting us this week at her new blog! Please click through to find poetry posts from around the kidlitosphere.

I am guest posting at Ethical ELA this week with a food poetry prompt. Thanks to Sarah Donovan and to all of the educators — including a few Poetry Friday regulars — who tried “Tasting a Memory” with me.

The model poem I shared at Ethical ELA is from my new middle grade novel, A Place at the Table, co-written with Saadia Faruqi. It’s about mushy peas, a street food popular to Nottingham, England that I get totally nostalgic about.

Mushy peas served with mint sauce. YUM. Read more about this Nottingham delicacy here.

To read the post and share your own food memory poem, please visit Ethical ELA.



18 responses to “Poetry Friday: Guest Posting at Ethical ELA”

  1. Laura, Congratulations! on your wonderful new book. What a great post over at ELA. It’s so interesting to see your process and your poem. And thanks too for introducing me to ELA.

    • Laura Shovan says:

      Thanks, Liz. The way educators write together, share, and comment on each other’s poems reminds me of our February poetry group.

  2. Laura, congratulations on being featured on Ethical ELA with your cross-out/compose-over poem.
    Kudos on your new book. I remember when you introduced it to me at NCTE.

    • Laura Shovan says:

      Thanks, Carol. I’m grateful to Sarah Donovan for inviting me to share a writing inspiration. Will miss seeing you at NCTE this year!

  3. My daughter had mushy peas in London last fall and LOVED them. (I must confess I am not a fan.) I will share your poem with her, Laura. Your line, “never thinking this is the last time” resonates so much these days…

  4. Ruth says:

    Thanks for this! I clicked through and read your poem, and I’m keeping the window open to go back to when I have time to taste a memory.

  5. Linda Mitchell says:

    Good Morning Dear Laura,

    I took that prompt and spent a good 30-40 minutes writing about grocery shopping with my mother when I was a child. The store, the scents, the way it was laid out was long, long before any grocery chain-stores came to my little part of the world. It was a wonderful walk down memory lane and I’m sure I will be able to get several poems or pieces out of it. I’m so GLAD you guest hosted. It makes my heart a little extra happy when one author in my world knows and/or collaborates with another. You are a perfect fit for Ethical ELA. I hope you’ll return someday.

    • Laura Shovan says:

      Oh, Linda. That is so sweet! You’re reminding me of taking my young daughter grocery shopping and letting her have sips of my decaf latte. No surprise, she’s a big fan of coffee! (I loved putting this post together and would be honored to come back to Ethical ELA sometime.)

  6. Mary Lee says:

    I love a peek into your process!

  7. Thanks for that styrofoam cup of green heaven, and for that last line. I did have a brief go at Ethical ELA but it was too much pressure for me! So glad I have the benefit of your one day prompt. Will I be receiving a copy of A PLACE AT THE TABLE to read for NCTE Notables?

    • Laura Shovan says:

      Hi, Heidi. I sure hope so!! Thanks for reading. I miss that connection to England we had when my grandparents were still alive.

  8. It was fun to see how you took Cisnersos’ poem as a mentor text. I may have to try this dish. I wonder if I would like it or if the texture would get me.

    • Laura Shovan says:

      The mallow peas used for this treat have a very different texture from regular green peas. Almost like edamame beans in their feel. I do think it’s an acquired taste!

  9. Those were some tasty “Mushy Peas” I might even be tempted to try someā€¦ Loved the blog post on your process for the poem Laura, thanks!

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