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Hey, Poetry Friday friends!

I have something special to share with all of you. BUT FIRST… head over to Sylvia Vardell’s Poetry for Children. Why?

Sylvia is hosting the cover reveal for my new book, Welcome to Monsterville! Please stop by her blog and show Riley Kamm’s cover design some love.

Terri Carrion, illustrator Michael Rothenberg’s widow, sent me the most amazing gift: the original artwork for the book.

I made a special video just for Poetry Friday. You’ll get a sneak peek at some of Michael’s monsters… and I read a poem from the book that I haven’t shared before.

By Laura Shovan

If I were a dog
asleep on the rug,
I’d dream I was chasing
a monstrous bone-bug.

Bone-bugs are friendly.
They zip through the skies
with leathery wings
and round insect eyes.

Delicate monsters
would float ‘round my head
if I were a dog
dreaming dreams in my bed

More to come before the April 25 publication date! If you’d like to pre-order Welcome to Monsterville, I recommend Bookshop.Org.

32 responses to ““Monsterflies” from Welcome to Monsterville”

  1. Susan says:

    How fun! Thank you for sharing the video with us. I look forward to the book, which looks perfect for my 2nd grade friends.

    • Laura Shovan says:

      Thanks, Susan. I’m excited to hear what classrooms will do with the book. One of Margaret Simon’s students made a paper plate mask inspired by one of Michael’s monsters!

  2. I love the colors in the illustrations! The bright pinks. Thanks for showing them on the video and reading Monsterflies. I once worked briefly on a picture book idea about dog imagining adventures, not as delightfully fantistical as this dog, but I was reminded of that and glad others wonder such things.

  3. Linda Baie says:

    Aw! A Rudy monster, very fun. Love those ears, & of all the art, like Janice, love the colors. Thanks for sharing these peeks with us, Laura, and the poem. “Bone-bugs” sound very interesting! (FYI, Sylvia’s post is not up yet.) Will look later! Congratulations!

    • Laura Shovan says:

      I know, Linda. Michael stayed with us several years ago and really enjoyed his time with the dogs. Sylvia’s post is up now!

  4. Rose Cappelli says:

    What a great book, Laura! Thank you for sharing the art and your poem. I look forward to reading more.

  5. Irene Latham says:

    So imaginative, Laura. And when I read your post title I thought it was the Monster Files…which it kind of also is. 🙂 xo

  6. Congratulations, Laura! What fun! Thanks for sharing the illustrations, too!

  7. Congratulations, Laura! What a fun collection this will be :>)

  8. Linda Mitchell says:

    WOW! That’s so cool. I remember Rudy stories fondly. I love that you’ve created this new book and I look forward to promoting it with real, live kids! Thanks for the art-peek. That’s a new fav unboxing video for me.

  9. That is fabulous art! Thanks for sharing the unboxing of some of the illustrations. The poem is delightful. This book is going to be a treasure.

  10. Laura, congratulations on your new book. The monster art you shared is fabulous and beautifully presented. I think your poem will be loved by children. Your video shares a wonderful unveiling.

  11. What a wonderful gift from Michael’s wife, a treasure! The illustrations are so whimsical there is no wonder that you were inspired to write poetry. I can’t wait to see the whole book.

  12. Kids are going to love these monster poems! How fun!

  13. Mary Lee says:

    What a gift! Thank you for sharing the unboxing with us. I can’t wait to read more of the poems!

  14. Laura, Thanks for sharing your upcoming book release with us and especially the reading of one of your poems with the accompanying artwork. What a fun project this must have been. Best wishes for lots of sales!

  15. Such a beautiful gift – both the new book and the original art! Can’t wait to read this!

  16. Molly Hogan says:

    Congratulations, Laura, and thanks for sharing. I was so intrigued by the backstory to this book, which I read over on Sylvia’s blog. I’m looking forward to hearing/reading more of the poems. It sounds like they might spark some rich classroom conversations! I also suspect the artwork will nudge more than one young artist to create their own monsters!

    • Laura Shovan says:

      Hi, Molly. Thanks for stopping by Sylvia’s blog also. I’m so looking forward to seeing how kids engage with Michael’s art.

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