It’s Day 25 of our #WaterPoemProject — 30 days of water-themed poetry prompts from your favorite children’s authors. Only five days of poetry writing to go!

If you’re looking for National Poetry Month writing prompts, we’ve got you covered. Start with Day 1 and you’ll have poetry prompts from now through the end of April.

New to this project? Please read the Introduction and FAQ. Or you can watch this video of me describing how to participate. It’s on the YouTube channel Authors Everywhere.

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Please welcome poet and children’s author Laura Purdie Salas to our project. Laura is a member of the Poetry Friday blogging community. Visit her blog to see some of Laura’s #WaterPoemProject poems.

Laura’s prompt is: Be a Snow-Maker!

Laura Purdie Salas

You’d think we have enough snow here in Minnesota, but when it gets really cold…bone-chilling cold…thirty degrees below zero cold, then that’s the time to boil a mug of water and make some snow.


Here I am in 2014 doing just that. How does it work? Here’s a cool Wired article that gives a good, compact explanation.

Photo by Randy A. Salas

Imagine you have the power to really make it snow. Or rain, or sleet, or hail.

How do you feel about it? When do you use that power? How do you use it?

Write a poem with plenty of sensory details that expresses that.


Let’s throw some sizzling hot words onto the page and see if they turn into something magical, like snow. Try to have your poem drafted by the end of the day tomorrow, Thursday, April 16, 2020.

If you’re doing the #WaterPoemProject with a group, be sure to share or post your rough draft, read other people’s poems, and cheer for their efforts. Or leave your poem here, in the comments.

Laura says, “My next book is Secrets of the Loon, coming out April 28 from Minnesota Historical Society Press. It’s a rhyming story with science back matter about Moon Loon (and since she migrates, she needs to be flying south long before the snow comes!)”

Find Laura Purdie Salas online at



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